Transgenderism In The Bible?

Recently on The View panelist Whoopi Goldberg made a very interesting statement. The discussion on the show was about Rep. Zooey Zephyr, a biological male who identifies as female. Zooey was banned from speaking in the house of representatives in the state of Montana. NPR reports, “Zephyr, who is transgender, has been blocked from speaking since last week. That's when she told supporters of a bill to ban gender-affirming care that when they bowed their heads in prayer, she hoped they would see "blood on [their] hands."
It was from here that Whoopi said, "So what is — I can't decide what my kid reads, I can't decide for my child, what my child says is going on," Goldberg continued. "You're telling me your beliefs — you're — and they keep saying it, and I keep saying, 'What Bible are you reading? Because God was really clear!'” As Christian Post reports, “What exactly Goldberg implied the Bible was "clear" about is unclear.” It is very interesting that she does not reference anything specific. She didn’t even make a vague reference to anything.
This is because there would be nothing in there supporting her argument. I guess she could twist something involving loving others to support her position, but that would be knotting up of scripture for sure. The bible is very clear that He is the creator of us and thus determines our genders (Genesis 1:27, Psalm 139:13-15). We are also taught that it is sinful for anyone to cross over to the other gender (Deuteronomy 22:5). The bible is very definitive; it is a sin to change your gender or to even create your own.
But then Whoopi turned the tables on conservatives and stated, “"My God, this is a party that says we believe in parents' rights," Goldberg said. "You're telling me that as a parent, I'm not smart enough to decide if my child and I need to have gender-affirming — or doctors are not involved.”
This is a very interesting point she brings up. We as christians do believe that the parents are responsible for their children. It is not up to the state or federal government. It is not in the schools or the church. The parents, according to the bible, are the ones responsible for the upbringing of the child. But at the same time, this is just all smoke and mirrors. Whoopi is not being fair in her arguments. For starters, there is the new law in the state of Washington. This law, while being pro transgender, also strips the rights of parents. The NY Post reports, “A Washington State bill that would strip parents’ rights to intervene on their kids medical care in certain circumstances passed the House Wednesday, clearing its pathway to being signed by Gov. Jay Inslee.” One of those circumstances is what is called “gender-affirming care”. This is showing that more and more this movement is actually trying to eliminate the rights of parents. Whoopi being all for transgender rights, I’m sure would be for this law, which then makes her hypocritical. Common with many arguments today; just say whatever sounds good to support your point even if it contradicts your overall view.
Nevertheless, let's say Whoopi would not be for a law like this. That it is truly up to the parents to decide what happens. That is still not the issue. The issue is not, do parents have the right to choose. The issue is that many politicians are trying to legalize a form of child abuse. Yes, parents should have the right to raise their children as they see fit. Yet, there still needs to be boundaries to this. Everyone agrees that a parent should have the right to discipline their child. At the same time, no one would agree to allow parents to physically beat up a child to do that. And this is what is missed on so many, that these medical methods are a form of child abuse. The child is too young to know what is going on and the long term effects of what will be happening to them. And yet they keep wanting to allow parents to make these major life altering changes based on the feelings of a child. So while yes the parents should have the right to raise their children without government interference, there is a line to still be drawn. Our raising of children should be modeled after the loving, disciplining, merciful and gracious heavenly Father. Not modeled after the liberal thinking that so many are living by now.

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