Something Un-Grammy

The 63rd Grammys just came and went this past week, but not without a lot of controversy and headline news. It is not every day that politicians take the time to comment on something like an award show. Yet this is exactly what happened. Many were up in arms about a performance by Sam Smith and Kim Petras. They performed their song in a very racy and demonic tone. The NY Post reported that, “Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ controversial Grammys performance was slapped with a myriad of FCC complaints, according to a report. The duo sent temperatures rising while performing their chart-topping song “Unholy” during the 65th Grammy Awards. The risqué rendition saw both singers and their backup dancers clad in blood-red devil-esque costumes.”
Politicians Ted Cruz and Marjorie Taylor Greene called the proformance “evil” and “demonic”. Political commentator Stephanie Hill said on social media, “Hollywood freaks still thinking they’re so edgy with their Satanic themed performances.” Meghan Kelly said that it was the worshiping of Satan himself. Though the church of Satan claimed that it didn’t like the performance because it didn’t accurately portray anything they believed.
TMZ reported, “Sam Smith and Kim Petras have [expletive] off lots of viewers who filed complaints with CBS and the FCC over their "Unholy" Grammys performance.” TMZ has obtained 18 complaints filed with the Federal Communications Commission  ... and the flashpoint is Satan. Some called the performance anti-Christian. One viewer postulated the song had the potential to "increase violence against Christians." Some took offense to the…adult images.”
On top of all of this, the Grammys also garnered headlines because Kim Petras won a Grammy award. The reason this was big news was because she is the first transgender person to win a Grammy. See Kim is actually Tim. He transformed himself into a woman starting at the age of 13. His first operation was at the age of 16 and was one of the youngest at the time to get such an operation.
Kim Petras & Sam Smith
When sitting back and taking this all in, I am not shocked. I am not as outraged as other people are. Because you see, this is exactly what I expect. Was the performance racy? Yes. Was their attire and dancing inappropriate? Absolutely. Were there costumes, special effects and props that were Satanic? Yep. Does my heart break for them? Yes. Do I lament over the brazen display of sin? Absolutely. But what are we to expect? First off, the song itself is called “Unholy”. Should we really expect a praise and worship song? And if you read the lyrics you would quickly realize that this is not a song that exactly promotes Biblical principles. Plus musicians and singers have been singing and performing ungodly things for decades.
But even more to the point, this is what the Bible says will happen. When a society decides to follow their hearts and worship themselves, this is what you get. This is what sin does to a person! Sin is ugly, demonic, racy, inappropriate and defiling. I am saddened by the events knowing the status of their souls and their dire need of Christ. But I am not surprised. These are the fruits of the world’s religion. When you worship yourself, you will do whatever it is you feel is right. And whatever you feel is right will always be sinful.
Looking to another Grammy award winning artist to make my point, Frank Sinatra had a famous song called “I Did It My Way”. And while old blue eyes probably didn’t have in mind what happened at the Grammys, the lyrics ring true of the philosophy of our world. We want to do things our way. We want to do what we want, when we want, how we want and not to be told no. I am not surprised by the song performance done by Sam and Tim, because there has been so much worse happening already for the same reasons! We have been sacrificing babies, to worship the self. We have been mutilating our bodies to change genders, all out of what we want. We have been lashing out in anger and violence for no justified reason because it is how we feel. We glorify animals more than man or God, because we want to. We twist and pervert justice, so that we don’t have to be told that we are wrong for our actions. This has all been there for a while now and will continue to be there because we want to worship us. Because we love ourselves and sin more than anything else.
Frank Sinatra
Praise be to God there is still hope! Praise Him that Christ came down to defeat sin for this very reason. Sin is a horrible thing that does unspeakable things to humans. It breaks God’s heart, as it should ours, to see what sin is doing to man. Which is one of the reasons He went to the cross. This is not surprising to me because this defilement is the capability of what sin can do. Yet, as long as we have today, then we still have hope. So more christians need to start evangelizing and praying. Not yelling out in outrage. This is the fruit of our sinful labor. And being outraged doesn’t solve anything. Christ does.

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