Planned Parenthood's New Ad

A new AD campaign was released by Planned Parenthood in NYC. It is using vulgar language and the temptation of boundless sex to raise money for itself. The campaign is called “Freedom to (expletive)”. Life News reports, “Planned Parenthood’s New York City affiliate launched a crude new campaign this week to promote abortion and promiscuous sex with the slogan “Protect our freedom to (expletive)”...profanity is highlighted throughout the New York City abortion chain’s new fundraising campaign to “make sure that everyone has access to the sexual and reproductive health care services they need.” Gerard Caputo, CEO of BBH NY CCO, which created the ads, told AdWeek that Planned Parenthood of New York City wanted a campaign that is not easy to ignore. “‘Freedom to (expletive)’ is meant to speak to a younger generation more empowered than ever and hopefully willing to help,” Caputo said. “It all starts with the courage to do something different and we believe we have already succeeded.” Their campaign video is just 45 seconds long and has 20 “F Bombs” in it. They readily admitted that they are trying to reach a younger demographic with this ad campaign. 
Well their plan backfired. Life News reported, “Planned Parenthood’s latest, profanity-laced ad did not resonate with supporters as it had hoped. Planned Parenthood took down the ad campaign, supposedly because it stirred up more shock and outrage than support, according to The Federalist. The campaign video was taken off Planned Parenthood’s YouTube channel sometime Friday evening, and the campaign fundraising website now redirects people to a generic donations page. LifeNews also could not find any references to the campaign on Planned Parenthood of NYC’s social media accounts.” 
While the choice for Planned Parenthood to advertise may shock you, it shouldn’t. This is very telling of where our society is today. What is more interesting than the ad itself, is the belief that this would appeal to our younger generation. Before any company dumps a truck load in advertising it always runs surveys and conducts research to make the advertisements successful. So what this is revealing to us is the attitude that young people have toward sex. Sex should be free, boundless and limitless. 
But we were not made to have sex in this manner and neither was sex made for this type of practice. If God made us and made sex, wouldn’t it stand to reason He would know the best way to go about it? God doesn’t command us to have sex only within the confines of marriage to be a killjoy. He does so because He knows the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological hurt and damage that is caused when we go about sex with how we want and not how it was intended. 
It shouldn’t be surprising that studies and surveys have proven time and again that married couples have the best and most fulfilling sex lives...go figure. An article in Psychology Today (keep in mind, not a Christian publication) stated that, “The belief that singles have more and better sex than marrieds has become a cultural myth that researchers and sociologists are proving to be false through hard evidence. The reality of Americans' sex lives does not necessarily match the picture Hollywood paints. The prevailing view has long been that once you’re married, sex gets routine and boring, and because it’s no longer exciting, the frequency falls off. The reality is that for the majority of singles, sex tends to be sporadic or infrequent, if not non-existent.”
Sex is more than just physical activity. There is an intimate and emotional connection that occurs during sex that we do not physically see. Unfortunately our society has reduced it to just a physical activity. It is not the special, unique and intimate connection between only two people when they get married. No, our society has skewed it to be just like going to the gym or taking a shower. Just something physical I can choose to do if I want. This is not how God has intended it. So it is not surprising that so many are emotionally and intimately bankrupt. To illustrate this a professor from Texas University gives a really good illustration: 
“The fact is that we aren’t made, we aren’t meant, we aren’t designed for [sex outside of marriage]. Our hearts and our bodies are designed to work together. We are body and soul unities. Really now don’t we already know that? I’m speaking of men and women both by the way. Sexuality is like duct tape. The first time you use it, it sticks you to whomever it touches. But just like that duct tape, if you rip it off and then touch it to someone else, it isn’t as sticky as it was before. Then there's going to be damage. Something in both of your hearts will tear. Not only that, when you do get loose, your sexuality won't be as sticky as it was before. So what happens when you pull it loose from one partner after another?  You just don’t stick anymore, your sexual partners seem like strangers, and you stop feeling anything. The loss of the stickiness of the adhesive tape probably contributes to an even wider social problem that might be called the “Peter Pan Syndrome”.  Men in their forties with children in their twenties talk like boys in their teens. “I still don’t feel like a grown-up,” they say. They don’t even call themselves men—just “guys.”
Pray for our younger generation and our society as a whole as sex has been twisted into something it is not. It is something beautiful and precious created by God that has been trampled through the mud by our sinful nature.
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