updates regarding covid-19

Please see this page to find relevant updates regarding our church during this pandemic.

January 1, 2021: We have been and will continue to meet inside the church for both Sunday and Wednesday services. Please see below for specific FAQ's. All are welcome!

June 11, 2020:  Moving forward we will be having church every Sunday inside our building! Since Governor Cuomo announced last week that churches can be open upto 25% capacity we can now meet. For us 25% capacity is 54 people.  With that I'm sure there are a lot of questions of how our first day back may look. So here is a little FAQ for you for this Sunday.
  • Will there be nursery? 
Yes there will be full nursery staff for those that have children
  • Will we have to social distance?
Yes. The Governor stated that we still have to maintain social distancing practices in the building. While we can not rearrange our seating in the building, we need everyone to be conscious of where they are sitting. Please keep a safe distance from people that are not family. We will have to hold off the handshaking and hugging for right now :)
  • Will there be Sunday School?
  • Are we having Bible study on Wednesdays? 
  • What if I am not ready to come back?
That is perfectly fine. If you are at all concerned about coming back please do not. Stay home for right now. We will still be recording the sermons for you to listen to. We also have a live stream of Sunday morning under "Media" on our website.
As we come into our building for the first time please be considerate of your brothers and sisters in Christ and our guests. Try to resist the urge to go around hugging and handshaking everyone. If at any point you feel sick or have a fever, please stay home to be safe. While you may feel safe and are not that concerned, that doesn’t mean other people feel the same way. We have many members that are either considered high risk or are with family that is at high risk.
If you still have any questions please feel free to contact Pastor Clint.